5 Reasons to Adopt an Older Pet

by Kevin McGrath

No matter what kind of animal you want to adopt, you should consider an older pet. Older pets will bring with them the same companionship and love you want, while needing less time or training than their younger counterparts. Before you take home a brand-new kitten or puppy, consider these top five reasons to adopt an older pet.

Benefits of Older Pets:

  1. No surprises: If you have a specific size or temperament in mind for your pet, then you can easily determine which older animal is best for you. With younger pets, many factors are still determining their size and personality; but older pets are fully grown, and their personalities fully formed. Spending some time with the animal before the adoption will give you a clearer picture on what to expect for each individual pet.

  2. No stress and no mess: Older pets have already been socialized and trained. Older cats and dogs will be litter-box trained or house broken. For you, this means the hardest part of getting a new pet is already taken care of, and your new pet will need less training and less supervision than a puppy or kitten. If you are a first-time pet owner or just don't have the time to constantly clean up after your pet, then an older pet could be a perfect fit.

  3. Old dogs and new tricks: Not every older dog or other animal will be perfect, but don't worry. Even the oldest animal can be retrained or even rehabilitated. Every home or individual will require different things of their pet. With time, patience, and proper training, your older pet can continue to learn new tricks and commands.

  4. Great companions: Your elderly pet can provide great companionship. Elderly animals will have low energy levels and be easy going. No matter your schedule, an older pet will be content to sleep away the day or cuddle up next you on the couch. Many older pets will also enjoy playing or exercising for short periods of time.

  5. You can save a life: First to go and last to leave, older pets need someone who cares. It is an unfortunate reality that older animals are usually the first to be euthanized at animal shelters, and the last to be chosen for a new home. When you adopt an older pet, you are giving them a new lease on life.

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