5 Things Your Kitten Needs

by Kevin P. McGrath

Kittens bring equal parts fun and stress to a home. They are curious by nature and want to explore their surroundings. Taking the time to prepare yourself and your home with the best cat supplies will help prevent accidents and make your new kitten feel welcome.

Basic Kitten Supplies:

  1. Litter box: Crucial for the home of every new cat owner, a litter box provides a safe and sanitary place for your cat to go to the bathroom. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes to help blend into your home. Litter boxes should not be placed near your cat's food or water bowls. The type of litter you choose to fill the box with can be as important as the box itself. For kittens, start out with a basic non-scented litter; scented litters may discourage your kitten from using the litter box. Some training may be required, but for the most part, kittens will naturally gravitate toward a clean and well-placed litter box. Make sure to remember to buy a scoop and clean your litter box daily.

  2. Food: With all their growth and energy, young kittens need extra nutrition. Although there are many choices when it comes to cat food, a food that has been formulated for kittens' growing bodies will be best for your young cat. This will help assure that your kitten is getting what she needs to grow healthy and strong. Make sure your kitten also has a shallow bowl for food and a bowl for fresh water.

  3. Tags: Young kittens may try to leave the safety of your home and explore their surroundings. Even kittens you want to be exclusively indoor cats have a risk of getting out. To be safe, make sure your kitten has a collar with ID tags that contain your current contact information. This will help other people or even shelters identify your cat if she wanders away or gets lost.

  4. Toys: You will need to keep your kitten both entertained and well exercised. Cat toys of any kind will be great for your kitten to chase and pounce. Using toys to play with your kitten will help build a bond and is great exercise for her. Try a variety of toys at first to see which ones your kitten enjoys the most.

  5. Training aids: Your kitten will need the occasional correction. Try using a spray bottle filled with water. When your cat is exhibiting unacceptable behaviors, lightly spray your cat with the water. This will immediately redirect your cat's attention and help teach her what behaviors are not acceptable inside your home. This can be especially useful for cats that start to paw or scratch at your flooring and furniture.

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