Best Pets for Apartment Dwellers

by Kevin McGrath

Don't let the size of your home deter you from the joys of pet ownership. Before you adopt a pet, check your rental policies and make any needed pet deposits with your property management. After you have prepared for a new animal at home, check out these top five recommendations for best apartment pets.

Great Apartment Pets:

Crested gecko: These eye-catching reptiles are popular apartment pets. They only require a small aquarium and don't require live insects as food. Simply mix a meal-replacement powder for crested geckos with water and avoid the mess and hassle of live insects and bugs. These small reptiles also are content to be left alone, but they will tolerate being held by adults and children. If room temperature is kept between 70 and 80 degrees, no additional heating lamps will be required.

Parakeet: Popular among first-time bird owners, parakeets can be low-maintenance pets that will thrive inside an apartment. Also known as a budgie, these pretty birds come in a variety of natural colors. They do like to talk, but their voices are quiet and won't disturb you or your neighbors. You will need to take time each day to interact with your parakeet, and let it out of its habitat. If your schedule does not permit time for your bird, try keeping parakeets in pairs. This interaction with a companion bird will help keep both entertained and socialized.

Gerbil: If you are looking for a small furry friend, a gerbil can make an excellent small pet. They thrive best in groups, so be sure to get more than one. Gerbils will only require a small living space, and they eat inexpensive dried gerbil food. Be sure to handle your gerbils frequently. This will help tame them and make them more accustomed to being held by others.

British shorthair: If you are a first-time cat owner and are looking for a great apartment cat, then try a British shorthair. These easygoing felines come in a variety of colors and patterns. Sociable and friendly, they enjoy company. If you have a busy schedule, don't worry; these cats can also be content lounging alone while you are at work. Great indoors, a British shorthair will be perfectly content living in any size apartment.

Greyhound: Better known for their racing speed, a greyhound can actually make a great apartment dog. Greyhounds are calm, relaxed, and surprisingly lazy. Although the occasional walk is needed, excessive exercising is not necessary. Indoor living is ideal for greyhounds, with their low body-fat percentage making them sensitive to outside temperatures. Extremely intelligent, these dogs can also be easily retrained and introduced into a new home and environment.

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