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Merlyn | 10-yr old, German Shepard Greyhound Mix | Online Classifieds

Animals can become more than just pets. For some, adopting an animal can provide daily physical and emotional support.

When Tyffiney Kirk, a customer service team lead at Overstock™, adopted a dog for her mother, there was an immediate and special bond.

Tyffiney’s mother was aging at the time, and she needed a large, sturdy dog to help complete daily tasks around the home. They found the perfect fit in a German shepherd mix named Merlyn. After some additional training, Merlyn became a trusty companion and service dog for Tyffiney’s mother.

"He truly changed my mom’s life," said Tyffiney. "He helped my mom become mobile and independent again. He made sure that she got up to take care of him, and in return he really took care of her."

With the adoption listings Tyffiney and her family had at the time, the process to find the right dog took over 2 years. She's excited for people in similar situations to have Overstock Pet Adoptions to help shorten their search for the perfect pet.

"I helped my mom search for her dog on my days off, we constantly checked with local shelters, PetSmart, and even the classifieds on Facebook," said Tyffiney. "If we had a site like Overstock Pet Adoptions, it would have provided another resource to be connected with local facilities to find the perfect mate for my mom."

Since adopting Merlyn, Tyffinay’s mother has passed away. However, Merlyn remains a trusted companion, and continues to show Tyffinay’s entire family the same love and devotion he showed their mother.

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